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Todos los productos se proveen pintados conforme a las normas internacionales y/o galvanizados por inmersión en zinc caliente

Lightning conductors and grounding:
Element of security that consists of atmospheric sensor, support, lower copper wire or steel wire, brackets, plate cutting, plug, inspection camera and earthing javelin. All of this depends on the condition of the work. Usually is standard to cutting board, from which terminations are different at each site.

Specials Earthing :
Besides javelins, using models known as "goose foot" or schemes designed to stricter conditions.

Fall arrest safety system:
Security system consisting of an 8 mm steel wire with textile core in 6x19 +1 formation, with upper and lower brackets, a thimble, a turnbuckle, and guides to avoid vibrations depending on height. Often set on a ladder or cross the structure. Optional: Inertial head, stainless steel wire.
Fall arrest clamp:
Complementing the previous by linking the worker to the steel wire.
Obstruction Lighting:
Signaling system for air navigation safety, which composition and complexity depends on the height of the structure, proximity to airports and fault detection mechanisms used. Systems designed in accordance with provisions of ICAO.

All products are supplied painted in accordance with international standards and/or hot dip galvanized.



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