Broadcasting Services Wind Power Generation

Design of guyed mast for antenna support
Design of self supporting towers for antennas
Engineering of steel structures, foundations and elements
Manufacturing of masts and towers for telecommunications
Design and manufacture of supports and fixing accessories
Design and supply of obstruction light systems
Design and supply of fall arrest systems
Design and supply of earthing systems
Erection of metal structures
Design and supply of protective structures for anchors and masts
Installation of antennas, coaxials and shelters
Civil works for the erection of steel structures
Wiring in communications nodes
Supply of installation kits to profession companies
Supply of shelters
Surveys of work
Structural Refurbishment
Dismantling of structures
Preventive and corrective maintenance of communications nodes
Manufacture and assembly of structures supporting wind turbines
Providing Kevlar (aramid fiber) guy-lines as a representative in the Region of CORTLAND CABLE COMPANY INC.


Administration, Sales and Factory:
Chilavert 340
Lanús Este
Provincia de Buenos Aires
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